Friday, February 3, 2012

A Horse (Ranch) is a Horse (Ranch), Of Course, Of Course

Why is it every time I hear "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road" it is stuck in my head for at least four days?
You're welcome.

In related news, did I mention we're walking through the house on a horse ranch/farm today?

We've longed to live in the country for a long time.
We bought a "city" house that we live in currently, although it's actually in a small town.
We had previously rented a town-home in a very diverse, impoverished neighborhood.
And we're feeling like it's time to finally put some deeper roots into some soil, preferably country soil.

This time around thinking about finding a place to live is so very different.
There are a lot more questions this time.
There is a house that would have to be sold this time---which is my primary concern, I'll be honest.
There is a certain level of work that we don't want to put into a house with a toddler running around.

Here's a sneak peek at the front room of the house we're looking at today.   You think I'm actually stupid enough to link to the actual listing?  Nope.  Not that stupid.
We've walked around the outside (okay, technically trespassed) and looked through the windows and outbuildings twice.

But today we'll be actually walking inside.
We're trying to be very conscious of God's still small voice and are very open to just walking away from this property.

I was hesitant to even blog about this because of the blogging community that might bite back and say "you're such an American Christian, always looking for more, looking for better."  That might be true, but I have been constantly examining my heart for evidence of overindulgence and excessiveness (and if we told you the price on this property, you would hardly find it excessive).

If you're a prayer, you can pray for discernment and wisdom for us.  If you're not, you can cluck your tongues, shake your heads and say "what are they getting themselves into THIS time?!"

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  1. This is great! no clucking. just praying! Unless there are chickens involved. Lots of clucking then. But the good encouraging ones... that bring fresh eggs.