Monday, October 6, 2014

Small Changes: (Real) Food

It's so very rare that I get a photo-op with my boys.  And they both sit still.  We were at an orchard.

We are moving once again toward a real/whole-food, plant-based diet with very little refined sugars or grains.  We've had a season of food laziness.  I don't mean that in a judgemental way.  I mean it in self-scolding way.  I've bought into convenience far too much in the last six months, and it's showing in some areas of our family's health (or lack thereof.)  You'll have to bear with me as I detox.  Writing could be very polar in its nature.  Do not judge the condition of my soul based on what I may or may not say while weaning myself off of pretzels dipped in the cheesiest sauce in the world.

This will NOT become a food blog...but it may seem that way for a spell. I'll try to limit my food blathering to once a week.

Since I'm an all-or-nothing personality, I'm choosing to make this overhaul in small changes instead of an all-out pantry purge...Just a change or two a week will hopefully be a sustainable and less energy-requiring way to move our family back to where we feel in optimal health.

I've made these two recipes in the last few days.

These energy bites are amazing.  Michael is a peanut-butter chocolate junkie, and they do the trick for him.

These banana nut muffins are good today, but are a little dryer in texture than most muffins I've made in the past.  A good dollop of butter helps.  If you're used to sweet banana bread, these will NOT satisfy your sugar cravings.  Just an FYI.   I'll hopefully report back here soon on how they freeze.

Lastly...yes...I'm aware that the holidays are coming up.  This is a seriously cruel season to be depriving the boys, right?  Just pile on that mama guilt.  I'll muscle through.  *wink*  Since I currently have the boys brainwashed into thinking that raisins and dried cranberries with a small square of dark chocolate are the tastiest treats in the world, I think we're going to be okay.  It's just the adults in the house that will be a little...testy.  Heaven help us.

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