Thursday, September 11, 2014

Garden Update: September

I realized I was perhaps a bit behind in posting some garden pictures.  

And I never updated you on the state of our rooster.
He is happily residing in a seasonal zoo at a local apple orchard right now.  At the end of the season, the orchard owner will be giving us a few hens in exchange.  I think we got ourselves a great deal.  

Our garden took off like crazy this summer, despite the odd summer weather.  June was beastly hot, and then July and August never really touched over 80, and they were cloudy and rainy.  
This is supposedly my "pathway" behind the garden.

Mystery flowers.

I was negligent when it came to brocolli and cabbage.  The chickens haven't minded getting overgrown produce for food.

"Mama, the colours are so beautiful.  They make me want to blow God a kiss."

a little butter and honey makes experimental whole wheat bread go down more smoothly.

I e-mailed our DNR to get a few posters from an old 1950's series.  They sent the entire series for free since it was for educational use.  I wasn't, however, anticipating that they be so large.  We could probably wallpaper the entire area I'm planning on using as a homeschool area.

I've been taking online surveys to earn money for Million's homeschool books for his kindergarten year.  It's slow going, but it beats getting a part-time job.  When we get a new book in the mail every two or three days, it's fun to see his face light up.  I actually briefly contemplated going back to some transcription work, but I much prefer surveys because interruptions can happen without penalty.  And interruptions happen around here.

I might try to open our Etsy shop again after Jubilee is born, once we've established a bit of a rhythm.  I really miss selling handmade items.  I do have some other ideas that require me budgeting for a sewing machine, but with everything we're trying to do,  a sewing machine falls under the "want" category.  However, we do know what kind we're looking for, so I've been watching Craigslist for lightly used ones.  If I can only sell off some of our unused instruments, then maybe we'll be able to consider it.

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