Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Mixed Blessing: Lost Computer Files

I've been given an opportunity.
A mixed blessing.

For the past four or five years, since we decided we would likely be homeschooling our children, I have been gathering little things here and there in computer files for our future homeschooling endeavors.

As I was checking last night through all of our homeschooling stuff for kindergarten, I realized that those files had been eaten mysteriously.  I have one more computer to check on to see if they remain there, but I have little hope.

Four years of scavenging down the drain.

So I've got an opportunity now to recreate everything.
I'm viewing it as a challenge.

Unfortunately, the world of pinterest and schooling seems to be so filled with people who just want to slap a worksheet in front of their child.  I can find 83 billion worksheets.

I'm not a person who likes structured activities.  Activities that require three hours of me cutting out little styrofoam shapes the night before for what will end up being 10 minutes of sensory play.  That's not my deal.  But I absolutely abhor worksheets.

I have one verbal-processing learner who is a sensory seeker.
And one...lump. (Sorry, Bonnie Prince, your learning style is not completely evident yet.)

So back to the drawing board.  Lots of nature study ahead.
And sensory bins which require little preparation, hopefully.

This writing out plans is so new to me.  I *want* to be one of those organized, detailed people who knows in advance what they're going to do.  But I balk when it comes to actually sitting down and writing things out.  I'm conceptual, a visionary.  It's a rare season that I feel the need to write out my plans obsessively, and I seem to be in one right now, so I'd best snatch at it.

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