Monday, August 4, 2014

love on a Monday

I hope this video of the Bonnie Prince works.  The title of this post won't be understandable without it... Ah well.  It's my first time uploading a movie from my phone, and something about it is seeming a little abnormal at the time of typing.

Last night, the sick child and I had a supper straight from our garden.  Cucumbers and pear tomatoes.

I thought I'd show a little bit of what our garden is doing THIS week.

Baby brocolli

Aspiring watermelon

Our garden has taken over.  Especially the tomatoes.

Spaghetti squash that is taunting me because there are no spaghetti squash to be found in the store.

Million chose his own outfit today, for one of the first times.  He's been dressing himself for a couple years, but we didn't trust his choice in outfits.  So it was time to bite the bullet.

And here.  Here is our offending rooster.  Yes, we're pretty certain now that it's a rooster.  And it will be time very soon for him to meet his doom or to be traded on Craigslist for some other chickens.  We'll see what Michael ultimately decides.  

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