Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life In the Raw: Viral Edition

Both boys have the virus now.  It coats their bodies with blisters, they are in pain, have loss of appetite, and we're using an awful lot more tylenol for children than we normally do.

I bought them "nutritious" store-bought popsicles because of the blisters in their throats.  I believe Million has maybe had one or two popsicles before that weren't homemade.  It made his day.  I guess there's nothing like pulling a frozen semi-food out of non-recyclable plastic and consuming it rapidly to soothe the raging beast.  I'm only partially jesting here.  Because I had one too.  And it soothed the soul.

And on to a slight vent about when good intentions collide with reality and budgeting:

I try to meal plan.  I honestly do.  It would have helped if we had stuck with the paleo meal plan I planned for this entire year, but then we switched our views on how meat is processed and how animals are treated.  So paleo was out, because it was too expensive.

This week I printed out two $5 meal weekly menu plans and shopped off of those recipes.  One meal's ingredients ended up being $21 a meal.  And that was after sacrificing quality of meat.  I don't know how these internet ladies do it...But I don't have $16 to blow on a meal that's supposedly $5.  The rest averaged about $7 a meal, but that was considering I had all of the spices and main pantry supplies already on hand.  
So our budget is screwed up.

But we have plenty of nutritious ACTUAL food on hand.
And every single meal for the next two weeks planned.
And some semi-food popsicles....
And tylenol.

So it's gratitude time.  I am choosing to be grateful.


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