Friday, August 15, 2014

I read once that the average American woman spends the equivalent of two weeks out of a year getting ready in the morning.   That's close to an hour every day.  I just can't even think about that.  It makes me sob.

So how is this here woman, the one who takes a 5 minute shower, pops in contacts, and calls it good, getting the idea that somehow her daughter is going to be feminine and delicate and wear headbands?

Massive delusions.  And grand ideals about how things will change before we move to Europe.

DIY handbands.  That's what the search is about this morning, you all.
And handmade dresses.
For when I get a new or used sewing machine.  Because mine is dead, probably permanently.

I will have some exciting news next week.  Because, you know, I'm supposed to finish undressing my next armchair by August 20th.  And it only took two or three days to redress the last one.

Expect photos of a glorious grey piece of work.  And then renewed vows to finish the aqua chair before late September.

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