Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Homeschool Free Tip: Burgess Animal Book Freebies

Don't you love it when someone creates a resource that you had been planning on creating?
I do.
Because it's less legwork for me.
So here's my homeschool freebie tip for the day.  Don't expect a lot of these, because homeschool right now is a lot of reading, listening to music, a lot of art, and a lot of outdoors time.  We're low on the brilliant lightbulb "Mommy wants to pinterest it up during homeschool" moments.

Here's a free digital copy of the Burgess Animal Book.  The boys absolutely delight in listening to the chapters.  I usually only read one chapter a day, but today we covered two, because Michael had a meeting at the college.


Da-dum! Pictures of all the animals covered in the book.

And.....wait for it...

Coloring pages.

Also... it's free on librivox, if your kids prefer audio books.  Mine prefer me reading off my phone, because it's such a novelty.  (I will eventually get used to reading digital copies of books, but it's taking years to warm up to the idea.)

For those concerned with the "old mother nature" character in Burgess's book, we only change a little of the verbiage.  We keep the Old Mother Nature character, but change it to say "God made" when she voices "I made."  It's only a small change, and Million knows that she is a fictional character.  We're not super concerned about it, but I thought it was worth mentioning for those who are concerned about such things.

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