Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chair Updates: Calling In the Expert

This was a big week.  A work project Michael has worked over two years on is now being sent to all of the employees at his very large workplace.  So there was rejoicing and also discouragement, because people are often resistant to change---especially when it comes to new computer programs.  All I'm sayin' bout that.

I taught Million to mop this week.  I quote "This is my favorite chore.  I could do this any day."  I'm definitely of the mentality that if he's learning that he's a valuable helper and if he's learning tasks that cultivate our domain, I will absolutely not nitpick about if he missed a spot.  I will praise him to the high heavens...because, hey....that's 85% of the floor that I don't have to mop now. (The other 15% Creedence will probably pick up and eat, so I'm covered.) And because Million is only 4. 

 Last night I had to call in a helper on the staple gun.  If you look carefully, you can see Elizabeth Bennet.  Because we're like that.  Oh....and there's some of our basement remodeling.
This....this is why I had to call in a stapler master.  It's called Curve-Ease, and it made the back so beautifully seamless, but it required accuracy with staples as you can see in this picture.  Accuracy is not my middle name.

 And then this last picture is a picture of the arm accent pieces that we put in tonight.
Because chair number one is done.
Tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to take some glamour shots at not 10:00 in the evening lighting.

I did go on facebook for five minutes today, after over a week away...  Later on this week after about five days away, Facebook started sending me "hey guess what you're missing e-mails"....and I never get notifications by e-mail from them.  Sneaky beasts.  They kept on reminding me that I had so and so many unread private messages.  In any case, I went on to read the private messages just to clear that out of my mind and not actually respond to them (shrug).  Then I scrolled the newsfeed and felt an instant disquiet in my mind.  So the facebook break will continue....with the exception of any day now when my first nephew is born.  Because what proud auntie wouldn't acknowledge her very first nephew on social media by "liking" pictures of him?

And lastly, because I have so few people to announce funny Million-isms to, yesterday the boys were at the table colouring, and I heard Million tell Creedence "No-no, Creedence.  We don't eat crayons.  They have high-fructose corn syrup in them, and that's a yucky thing to put in your body."

Not quite accurate, but perfectly funny.

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  1. Don't break your FB abstinence for us! We will email with news.