Friday, April 11, 2014

Yard Work

We got some yard work done last night.  I wish that if you've never met Michael, you could.  He is the only person I know who can easily make anything fun.  We had such a good time with yard work last night.  He was dancing with our leaf vacuum/shredder/bag thing, (can't remember the technical name) and I was keeping the boys from killing each other with rakes, sticks, and other large found objects.

We also got our chicken permit in the mail yesterday.  So while we were out of doors last night, we worked out a rough idea of where our raised bed garden will go, and where the coop will go, and where the garden shed will go, and where our "cold box" (Michael's idea---I'm not sure what it is, yet) will go.  I'm getting pretty excited to see the progress, when it eventually happens.  We have some free lumber coming from one of Michael's coworkers next week.

I don't mean to mislead you into thinking we've got a humongous yard.  We actually have a much smaller yard than we did at our last house.  Simply, we have a well-laid-out yard for what we're planning on doing.  It's got a little pocket of space behind the garage for our garden tool/lawnmower shed, and some eternally sunny space abutting the garage.
We ate outside last night.  Spaghetti squash, bacon, and carrots.
A side note about bacon: we've started buying only ethically sourced meat from local farmers.  And it has changed our lives (and our budget...and the amount of meat we consume...)  Last night's bacon was the highlight of my week.  It was so sweet and tender and crispy.
How did you guess I ate dirt for dessert? You must be a wizard.
I got 24 of my new afghan/blanket squares sewn up yesterday.  Then I ran out of thread.  So that will be something to do this weekend.   I ran across this blog post from Anna Maria Horner today about the fabric that I'm using.  It made it that much more special.  I've always liked her work, and her personality and openness might be edging me over to preferring her over Amy Butler (gasp!)  (and Joel Dewberry is always close to the top too...don't worry.)

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