Thursday, April 3, 2014

I've been obsessed with aqua lately.  This yarn is gloriously soft.

It's been a quiet start to the month.  We're catching up from last month's controlled chaos.  I'm making great strides with my un-upholstering of one of my armchairs before the reupholstery begins. (It's the armchair that will fortunately hide in our room if things run amuck.)

Million is at the age where he wants to be helping with everything.  Everything.  He will be four this month, and while the idea of a helper is lovely, it's so much work to figure out ways for him to help. Today he spent half an hour trying to get staples out of the armchair with me.  I think he maybe got one out that I surreptitiously pre-loosened.

I've posted three photos of the three chicken breeds I ordered on Monday.  They'll be coming early May, right around the time that our lavender, tomatoes, carnations, pepper plants, and raspberry and blueberry bushes will arrive from the nursery.  That will be a fun week, hopefully.

There are certain things in life that I never imagined myself doing.
Raising chickens is one of them.
Michael is good for me.
(And I'm sure he would reciprocate the sentiment about some of my crazy schemes....)

Million's bedroom addition is coming along nicely.  I'm looking forward to moving him downstairs so that I can rearrange the room the boys now share.

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