Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not Just Two

Today, I had some blood tests to determine something about the miscarriage.  Two hours before the blood tests, we got the bill for my hospital experience in the mail.  And a misdirected "baby startup" package from Gerber. The first people I saw getting off the elevator in the lobby was a couple bringing their brand-new baby home.  And I was plagued with memories of the last time I walked alone down the hallway to the parking garage with silent tears streaming down my face.

I wanted to pity myself.  I really did.  I wanted to spew out bitterness at the venipuncture specialist.  
But as she asked me how many kids I had, I replied "just two". 
Two boys.

And I was suddenly awash with gratitude for what I do have, once again.
It's not "just two."
It's "two spectacularly brilliant, uniquely special, highly confident, and gregarious creatures that God has equipped me to love and nurture."   
And one in heaven. 

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