Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Two Boy Names That Didn't Make the Cut

I just got done making a Béchamel sauce for dinner (Deconstructed Croque Madame).  My menu binder is really REALLY doing wonders for us.  There have been some meals that have been....less flavorful.  (Really, oh internet cooks, do you use anything other than garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper?  Budget-cooking doesn't have to mean flavorless cooking!) Both boys aren't picky eaters, but last night's French Onion soup was pretty bland. I will change that up next time. 

But, it's saving us money.  And it's helping preserve my sanity.

We bought three girl clothing items at Savers on Sunday.  We're rewards card members there, so we got 50% off, and spent $3 on a whim.  Because someday I will have a daughter.  Whether by birth or adoption.  And if Ethiopia closes, I will still have a daughter somehow.   Michael and the boys are praying for a sister with this baby, but I keep instructing them to not be too disappointed with a boy.  Million assures me he will love another brother.

We also bought Million a star-and-planet comforter for his big-boy bed when we complete our basement remodel (starting in a month or so and ending....hopefully soonish.)  He's going to have a Gallileo-themed room.  Creedence's room is going to stay undecorated...because, really, nurseries just need to be functional. 

We have our names picked out for either gender.  We had a three-way tie for the boys, but the ousted contenders are Benedict Deliverance and Story Emmanuel (Million's favorite of the three...he kept making a joke "let's read a story to Story.") I don't know if Michael wants me to post our names, but let me assure you, they are super-cool (as my ninth grade self would say.)  I suppose I could post initials.  For the girl, it would be JSJ.  (Our leftover name because Creedence didn't get to use it.)  For the boy, it would be MCJ. 

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