Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snapshots of a Week

I managed to get my camera out a little bit more this week.
And I actually completed some projects. 
I got out my sewing machine for the first time in this house and set to work making some new handkerchiefs for all three guys.

Million continues to pretend to know how to crochet.  This is his dedicated yarn and crochet hook.  He doesn't mess with the rest of my yarn, and I don't mess with his.  Just thinking about how long it would take to untangle this knot could give a person hives.
I got some new canvases this week.  They were a present for Michael.  Nothing special...just a "we don't have any art on the walls in our new house" present.

Creedence had his first chocolate chip cookie this week.  He wasn't opposed.
This will hopefully be another post, but it's been on the tip of my fingers to write about lately.

This is our "I love you" blanket.  (And our new addition, an "I love you" candle.)  When Million is having a dysregulated or angry moment, we bring him to this couch and hold him with the "I love you" blanket.  Because the blanket reminds us to love well, we cannot say angry words while the blanket is on us (for both parents' and child's benefit...)  FYI, the picture wasn't taken during any moment that required parental attention.  He was just getting cozy and watching the candle. 

And lastly, a photo of my "Sweet Pete" (as he calls himself) demonstrating just how sick he is. 

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