Monday, October 7, 2013

Reading Books about Reading Books

Well, friends, it has been a while, hasn't it now?
We're moved.
At least, all of our stuff is occupying this residence.
How organized it may be is not what we're discussing here.
Today, the boys had "a day."
It was not pretty.
And instead of opening boxes and sorting out things that will actually stay here or things that will be donated to a thrift store, I'd rather be reading books about books.
I'm one of those people who love to read books that tell me which books I should be reading.
In junior high, I printed off one of those "1000 books to read before you die" lists, and I took it pretty seriously.  I think I've completed 600 or so of them.  (Some of them were torture to slog my way through, and I have NO idea how they made it on the list, but I was determined to live a full bibliophilic lifestyle.  There's something so inherently satisfying with checking things off of lists.  And I'm not even type A.)

Ah, I just love that husband of mine.  He's working on getting our house wired for sound so I can listen to my public radio station all throughout the house but turn down volume in certain rooms.  There's nothing like hearing a fervent tenor opera solo to accompany the desperate feeling that sometimes plagues mothers of toddlers.  And he just got my station up and running.  Hurrah! 

So instead of blogging updates and pictures and posting that photo tour of the house I've been promising 30 or so inquiring minds, I'm going to sit down with a candle, my public radio, and a book about books.

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