Tuesday, May 28, 2013

School Days and Good Books

Creedence turned six months old this past Sunday.  Half a year.

Michael came up with another entrepreneurial adventure that we might be dipping our toes into in the next couple years.  It requires a deal of research and startup costs...and we're still chipping slowly away at our college debt.  Debt payoff comes before entrepreneurship because, in this case, the entrepreneurship might be a little more slow to get off the ground.

Million had his first "school" last week.  I mean, the first time I sat him down and said "Okay, it's time to do some school."  (We always try to incorporate learning into everyday lives... last week I accidentally backed myself into a mild "birds and the bees" talk when I was talking about bees and pollination, specifically relating to strawberries.)  We watched a youtube travel movie about Malaysia, because my dad's on an extended business trip there.  I have to be honest and say that it was intimidating to think of myself as a teacher.  What a mental leap!  Despite the fact that I have taught hundreds of kids in formal and informal settings in various capacities, I still had to convince myself that I knew what was best for Million.  Teaching him will always be an adventure.  He is one of "those boys" with the activity level (and volume) that will automatically get a diagnosis slapped on him if he enters public school.  He has a memory that is frighteningly accurate.  He also picks up vocabulary at alarming rates.  Kinesthetically, he's still pretty clumsy, growing into his body, I guess. 

Okay, three freebies for the day...Three books that have charmed our socks off recently. I haven't inserted links yet, because my computer's being a little odd right now, but trust me that these are worth checking out from your local library.

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