Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Little Bumblebees

I actually got some genuine smiles out of Million this weekend that were captured "on film."  That's been a difficult feat to accomplish lately, as he's been less compliant.  Ah, the life of a 3-year-old.

Our CSA will be starting soon, and I'm getting very excited about it. 

For those who have asked how Million's 1000 Book Quest is going, I haven't updated my tab up at the top.  He's at about 200 books (we had to take a major break for my sister's wedding...)  Creedence is even getting in on a little of the action, as I always try to check him out some board books, even if they're absolutely pointless and not worth reading.  At least he thinks they're tasty!  We'll be reading a lot of books about ducks and mice in the next week or so, most in rhyme. I've finally figured out how to search our library system by tags added by the librarians like "stories in rhyme" or "repetition."  The website search is not intuitive, since patrons usually search by author or title, but I figured it out, so my choices for the books will heretofore be a little more cohesive in their nature.  Million does love listening to lengthier books than most kids his age do, but I'm trying to spend time in the simpler books that he won't enjoy in a few years from now, books with more repetition and predictable story lines or rhymes, or books with counting or alphabet themes. 

All three "mens" have been hit this week with a bad cold, that so far I've avoided.  This morning I awoke with a very sore throat, however, so I expect to finally succumb to the nasty virus.  So for right now, I'm sipping on water and comforting myself with a Jane Austen movie and a big puffy quilt I made 12 years ago.

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