Monday, November 19, 2012

Family of Three and Four Loaves

This weekend we did a lot of "family of three" activities.
Although every time we counted that we had three in our family, Million would say "Oh, oh, oh! Mommy! Don't forget BonAmi!"

So we celebrated being a family of "four" about to turn "five."

The dog didn't really notice the sentiment.

Michael's pretty much quarantined me to our house for the next few days, until he's off of work for the holiday.  I might get a free pass for a midwife appointment.  This morning's stir-craziness has led to one finger-painting session, two loaves of banana bread, and two loaves of whole-wheat molasses/white swirled bread.  Actually hand-made, ya'll.  No breadmaker was harmed during any of my baking this morning.  This might be my first time having made my own yeast bread completely from scratch since Million's been home.  I had forgotten how therapeutic it is.  Glad I didn't lose my touch.

Now to find something else to do that doesn't really need to be done.

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