Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Even if It Is Artistic

Bear with me, there might be a couple weeks of insomnia affecting the quality and content of this post. 

Michael and I were doing Sudoku's last night, and all of a sudden Janis's line from this clip came into my memory.  And I started cackling like a toothless old woman, while imagining myself saying it to nurses in the birthing center.

Not exactly Thanksgiving material, but it brightened my day.
And I still chuckle each time I think about it.

I actually have my midwife appointment tonight.  That means that not everybody else in our group has delivered their babies (although I did run into the husband of one of the ladies who delivered an 11 pound 6 ouncer...yikes!)  It will be nice to get out of the house.  Our other wild plans for the day include a family budget meeting and going on a trip with Michael to buy some more lumber.

Yesterday because dinner was taking a while longer than usual to heat in the crockpot, I decided to do some distressing on a bookshelf that needs to get out later this week.  We brought Million down to the workshop (he thinks it's the best place on earth!), and he and Michael played with some PVC scraps.  They were playing "Jabberwocky," one of Million's favorite made-up games.  I had the hardest time containing my laughter at the very serious and athletic snickersnackering of their "vorpal blades."

Insert paragraph about parenting philosophy on young boys playing with weaponry.

Michael and I did get to play with two new stains last night after Million was asleep: mahogany and classic grey.  We (okay, mostly Michael) worked on a stain demonstration board for our business that I could take photos of today and make up some new listings before the holiday rush.  I've been enjoying Michael's "new" workshop, which I have yet to take decent pictures of.

Fortunately, we have plans for the next three days, so blog posts might be fewer and farther between.  But rest assured that if November Boy hasn't shown up by Sunday, you'll get your regular dose of "Heather is stir crazy" postings. 

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