Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toddler Meltdowns and How They Affect Spending

The day came.
Four years ago, when I was writing my parenting philosophy, I used an example of how I would use logical consequences when my child(ren) did XYZ.

Million did exactly XYZ today.

And oh, how I hated myself for writing those calm and logical sounding phrases into my homestudy autobiographies.  XYZ and the situation that followed and preceded it was anything but calm and logical.

I did manage to do exactly what I said I would do....but it took enormous amounts of energy (and prayer for self control.)

I'm learning how much I thought I knew about parenting and how much I still have to learn.

On a related note, I've been learning about myself and how I allow Million's little X, Y's, and Z's to affect my attitude and behaviors.  To be perfectly honest, since beginning to attend Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, I've realized that when Million has a bad behavior day, I often go into town with the excuse that I need to "get out of the house."  And when I pick Michael up from work, I'll tell him that supper isn't ready.  So we eat out.

As a family, we haven't eaten out, bought any coffee beverages, or any gas station or convenience store foods for nearly two weeks.  Million and I have only made three trips into town, and they've all been with Michael and planned expeditions with exact purposes. It's been a struggle, but I'm learning to curb my behavior.  I should not allow my son's attitude to influence my spending.  So today, after XYZ meltdown...I made some homemade pretzels.  (I realize that food is not the answer to everything and that I should also be addressing my comfort food habits, but in this case, it prevented me from spending money.)

I'm sure other people struggle with this issue too.  I'm here, chiseling away at my imperfect behavior.  I'm so ready to move onto bigger mountains to climb. Join me.

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