Thursday, October 25, 2012

MOPS Round 2: I didn't die.

We had our second round of MOPS today.
If you missed my description of our first round, please catch up here.
I'm pleased to report, that I did not soak the table with my tears and that I showed up on time.
Whether or not I showered this morning could be a topic of debate.  
But I did even put on some scant amount of makeup and wore a neck scarf to make myself feel more presentable.

MOPS went well for me.  I even (gasp) enjoyed it.  Could have been the quiche, fresh fruit, apple cider, and donuts that won me over.
And the fact that the speaker spoke on an emotionally neutral topic like sin instead of depression, loss, and growth phases of family.  

Million was another story.
I asked his teachers to be honest with me about his behaviors during class this time.
And this time they were.
And we have work to do, for our little boy is turning into a bully.

And after that depressing/frustrating thought, I'll completely change the topic.  I didn't want to do another whole post on diapering, because there are only so many things you can say about diapers.  But here's a picture of what we ended up with after this post. (Note: I do have more than one white prefold diaper, I just didn't want them all in the picture.)  I also have some girly covers that my sister-in-law is lending me for the days I'm not caring whether November Boy is diapered in a masculine way.  

Our next installment of MOPS will be next week.  Two weeks in a row.  We will see if Million and I come out of it unscathed.  Here's hoping.

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  1. Slightly off topic, but I relate because this sounds so familiar! When Teg first entered a place with lots of kids, he started emulating all the bully behaviors he watched and was subjected to back in Addis. It didn't click for him right away, until he understood that it wasn't good what those kids were doing and the nannies should have but didn't stop it. sigh... he thought that was how it was SUPPOSED to be! gosh. Oh- and love those diapers. too cute.