Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ultrasound Results and Annoying Children's Books

Two notes:
Million's renal ultrasound went well.  Perhaps I shouldn't say it went well, since that would not accurately depict the screaming and wailing and the loud and incredibly dumbed down Animal Planet kids' television show playing that made me want to scratch my eyes out and do some screaming and wailing of my own.
His results showed nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with him.
So we get to wait a few more weeks, and if he's symptomatic then, they'll do a more invasive test.

My second note is: Have you ever noticed how many children's books are written so that the main character goes to bed at the end of the book?  I read a lot of children's books in a given week.
A lot.
And I'm starting to get annoyed.  It's like authors can't write a children's book without subliminally trying to please parents at the end of the book.  It's like parents don't read to their children unless they're trying to con them into going to bed.  That is my slightly peeved declaration/observation for the day.

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