Thursday, July 19, 2012

Popular Culture that I Somehow Missed Out On

I generally follow four categories of blogs, when I have time to catch up on reading.

1)  People I know in real life.  This will be my first catch-up filter, so I know what's going on with the people I hold dear.

2) Adoption blogs.  This has admittedly become a lower rung on the totem pole of blog reading, for various reasons----but mainly this: adoption is a life-changing event, but I'm not of the persuasion that life needs to be about adoption.  I need to be mindful of its influence on our family and my son's development, of course, but there is only so much I can read about adoption without starting to hyperanalyze everything in life.

3) Food blogs.  These I usually skip, but I keep them in my blog feeder if I'm ever needing inspiration.

4) Crunchy mommy blogs.  These I generally skip because of the guilt trip they provide, but every now and then I pay attention.

Today I paid attention to one of those crunchy mommy blogs and found out about something that APPARENTLY has been quite popular lately and escaped my notice---like many other things in life.

Glass straws.

Have you heard about the craze with glass straws?

How did I miss this, and am I really missing out?

The only time I use straws are at fast-food restaurants and gas stations---not usually the places I go when I'm feeling the most environmentally friendly.

I make smoothies often, but I use what came packaged as "ice tea spoons"---spoons with really long handles.

Not sure I'm going to jump on this latest bandwagon.  

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  1. I don't know anything about glass straws, but I will say that a "bendy" straw was my best friend when breast feeding my babies. I'd sit down to nurse and realize I was crazy thirsty. The bendy straw just made it easier to drink without disturbing them.