Monday, June 4, 2012

What Million Wants To Do

This morning, a talkative boy awoke.

He proceeded to tell me a list of the things he wanted to do today.
"Million go to park and pick up daddy."
"Million scare daddy."
"Million hug daddy."
"Daddy put pajamas on Million."
"Daddy and Million cozy under covers."

Then he proceeded to tell me EXACTLY what he wanted to do on a mini-vacation we're taking in a little under three weeks.
"Million see Auntie Hillary library."
"Library have chicken." (Her library houses a large modern art sculpture of a chicken.)
"Uncle Mark pick up chicken."
"Chicken tasty."

It was at that point that I started laughing so hard I nearly fell off the bed.

1 comment:

  1. I'm laaaaaughing! Poor Million is going to be disappointed to discover that the chicken has gone back to his original home at Ground Effects. We do have a canopy now, where the chicken used to stand. Maybe that will be just as fun? But it won't be very impressive if Uncle Mark picks up the gauzy fabric of the canopy... Oh dear...