Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Growth (Garden and Baby)

One of our container blends of lettuce, ready to be thinned, yet again.

Fruits of our garden.  I actually managed to get some berries before the birds ate them for breakfast.  Sadly, they're tiny.  I kick myself for skipping long-term thinking/planting the first year we lived in our house.  Had we planted our strawberries five years ago instead of a paltry two years ago, our baskets would be heavy laden with luscious berries.  At least, in my imagination they would be.

We have a midwife appointment for the baby today.  One thing that Michael and I are continually saying is how quickly this pregnancy is flying by.  I suppose it shouldn't be surprising after a 43-month adoption process.

All in all, the baby is doing fine. I am feeling fine. Million, Michael, and BonAmi are all strong and healthy and fine men. Our garden is doing fine.  We're just fine. You can expect an update in three weeks or so to find out if the baby is a Little Jack Horner or a Little Miss Muffet.  Other than that, we'll be back to our regular scheduled program of gardening, Million's moments, occasional contemplative thoughts, and food.  

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