Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekends are for Fireworks, 5K's, Festivals, and Farms

By chance, I happened upon a blog of a farm that's "a stone's throw" away from two houses I've lived in.  
She actually mentions neighbors that I know In Real Life.
It's an addicting little read.
Their farm (especially the greenhouse, solar panels, and hydroponics) is fairly close to what Michael and I have in mind to start working on in approximately three to four years.
A farm with a milk cow.
A greenhouse system that produces fresh greens all winter long.
Chickens for eggs and meat.
A clay oven.
10 acres.
Neighbors with sheep. (After the bunny episode on Mother's Day, we decided sheep might not be the wisest thing for me to get attached to, but I still would love their wool for spinning.  Oddly enough, I have no such qualms about killing chickens.)

In any case, through their blog, we found out they had a "grand opening" for this year this weekend and thought would be fun to spy and see what we love in their farm for Million to see some farm animals up close.

Perhaps I should mention that it's also our local community's annual festival dedicated to cheese this weekend, so the Ferris wheel and cheese curd vendors are less than a block from our house.  It's noisy and overcrowded.  We decided to take Million to the fire works last night.  He loved the "boom booms."

Then we watched my mom run in a breast cancer awareness 5K this morning.

And THEN we went to the farm.

The farm was a little let down to Million after "boom booms" and when he was short on sleep.
But Michael and I loved it.

Million would have been allowed to hold a baby turkey, but he wasn't interested.
He did get a lick on the hand from a dairy cow, which he wasn't too pleased with, but he seemed to like it after he saw Daddy get licked and giggle too.
But he liked trying to crow like a rooster, and he enjoyed the dogs and cats.

I think the most enjoyable part was seeing a couple so delighted with farming.  Of course, they do it as a revenue-producing hobby and not as a sole income provider, but to see people who are so in love with their lifestyle and where they are was a true joy.  Days like these could easily sap my contentment, but today it just gave me renewed resolve in our goal to be debt-free within a couple years, so that we can pursue other dreams.


  1. You need to tell me about this place so John and I (mainly John) can go there when we're back home!

    1. Laura, it's called Squash Blossom Farm, and it's off of 75th street near Douglas. They have a great blog at