Friday, May 18, 2012

Teaching Prayer for the Hard Things

These days everything is teaching.
I am loving these days, but some of the teaching we do around home leaves me feeling so inadequate.

One thing in particular that we've been teaching Million is how to pray for and about hard and sad things like death, sickness, conflict, and sin.  Usually he just repeats what we pray, but sometimes he comes up with his own little prayers (which are usually adorable, by the way.)

Initially I felt a little vulnerable, letting a 2-year-old hear the things I normally pour out silently to God.
Following my vulnerability, I felt like a good dose of self evaluation was in order.  Is my theology of pain and suffering correct?  Am I only looking for a quick fix for those whom I care about?  Do I care about God's purposes in their lives?

It's so humbling to watch someone pattern their ways after you.

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