Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012: First Mother's Day With My Son Home

My first mother's day with my son home went well for the most part.

I played piano in church like I do every Mother's Day.  
Admittedly, the years we were in our adoption process, I would have rather just skipped church because sensitivity wasn't at its prime on Mother's Day, (and funny thing that Sanctity of Life Sunday was ALWAYS my Sunday to play piano too..)  and holding it together musically and emotionally while brimming with a mixture of hurt feelings and sadness wasn't the best equation.

After church, we went to my parents' house, where we had dinner and went for a walk "down below" in my parents' river valley.

I grew up with this.
I am well aware how fortunate I am.

We played some cards, and somehow my mom pulled off a last-minute win. 

The very fact that I had this little boy, the one who runs to me while beaming, home with me this year made all the difference.

The only downside to Mother's Day 2012, was when Michael was mowing our garden down in preparation for tilling this week.
During the process, he found a nest of baby bunnies.
Thankfully none were killed by the lawnmower.
But we had to cage the babies (the two we found) in order that BonAmi wouldn't eat them.
(I have INDEED found a rabbit carcass under my dining room table in the past, and didn't want that experience repeated.)

It provided a good chance to talk about some emotions with Million.
"The little bunnies were in trouble and in danger of death from circumstances their mommy and daddy couldn't protect them from.
They were scared in the cage, but we needed to put them in the cage because we didn't want them to get hurt.
etc. etc. etc. "

We knew one person with a rabbit as a pet and thought about having them take in the bunnies, but the idea of the pet rabbit either attacking or ostracizing the babies just didn't sit well with me.
We tried contacting an animal farm who take in rabbits, but they were not home.

We did not inform Million of the likelihood of the baby rabbits dying due to no parental supervision.

I was emotionally distraught with all sorts of adoption thoughts in my head---how we were doing what was best for the bunnies but it was completely scary and unfair to them.  Michael likes to say that I'm currently hormonally compromised.  I told Michael that he ruined Mother's Day for some poor rabbit, and he told me that the rabbit and I should form a support group.

So I was a bawling wreck.
Not fit to be seen in public, releasing small critters into the wild.
Michael took Million to a soft, grassy knoll next to the river behind our property.
Michael had Million bend down and say goodbye to the rabbits and watch as he released them from the trap.

Completely unprompted, Million said to the rabbits as they scampered away "Bye bye, Peter! Bye bye, Benjamin!" (Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny are two of his favorite stories.)

Of course when I heard that, I went off into another fit of tears.
And Michael did what he knew how to do: He took me out for chicken tenders and mashed potatoes.

So Mother's Day 2012 wasn't all happy moments like I imagined it would be.
But the majority of the day when I wasn't thinking about the likelihood of dead baby bunnies were moments like this.

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  1. I'm cracking up at the thought of dead bunnies. How sick is that. and on mothers day. oh how sadly fitting......