Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekends Are For Family

We were whisked away to the magical land of Iowa this weekend.
Only if whisking involves 10+ hours in the car.  (Thanks, Mr. Flat Tire When We're One Hour Away From Home at 8:00 at Night On A Freeway.)
And only if "magical" means "it smells like manure right when you cross the state border."

But we did have a marvelous weekend.  The best we've had in countless months, in fact.
The flat tire really did nothing to damage our perception of it at all.

We went to visit my brother and his wife.

We played at parks, flew kites, ate wonderful food, and spied on Hillary's bookshelves.

Ahem.  I did take pictures of the shelves for  reference, and then she found me out.  I generally trust her book recommendations so I took pictures of books I hadn't read.  I didn't expect my sneaky photography to be discovered, until they asked to download my pictures from this weekend on their computer.  :)

We came away from the weekend so refreshed and thought-filled. Our weekend was computer-less and for the most part phone-less.  We enjoyed playing games and long conversations.  We were so impressed with how genuine they are as a couple and how they've forged a very independent and healthy (in many ways, not just how they eat) lifestyle for themselves.  

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  1. Oh no! I didn't hear about the flat tire! I'm glad it didn't sour your mood toward our weekend, though. :)