Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's much more fun to write "doing" posts than "being"posts.  
But I haven't really had the time to do "doing" things lately.
With husband sick twice in the last two weeks*, I've been just trying to make it somewhat gracefully through laundry, dishes, weather changes, family events, and toddler attitude training.

However, here is my sage advice for the day.

That gourmet cooking show or movie you watched last night? It just may have lulled you into the belief that you, dear reader, are capable of cooking gourmet meals.  The ones where the sauces require veal bones and take six hours to simmer.  Don't be led astray, unless you have finances and time in abundance.  And the six hours really isn't worth it for a meal when your son is just going to spill most of it on the floor anyway.

*The irony is not lost on me: He never got sick while working in direct patient care, and as soon as he moves to an office job he starts getting sick a lot.


  1. He probably washed his hands a ton more often in patient care. He probably didn't work with people who arrive covered in child daycare/school germs raging. Lots of children in one room is like a petrie dish. Parents of those children are 'carriers'. (*shameful guilty party here*)

  2. Oh no! Sick twice in two weeks! I'm so sorry - that must have been rough. No wonder you've turned to gourmet food for comfort! I hope you enjoyed it, even if M didn't.