Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Changes

Last night, in discussion with Michael about a potential large change, I compared my sometimes irrational fear of change (even when I'm looking forward to jumping at change in the exact same second) to an anatomic free radical.  I'm learning to speak my husband's language, ha!

My analogies often fall flat, apparently---but I thought the free radical one was one of my best yet.

About some other changes:
We are almost to the point of being certifiably crazy.
We're thinking of moving Million into a big-boy bed within the next month or two.

Now, I know this isn't crazy to experienced just feels crazy.
I'm just trying to make all of the "big" changes gradually.
We're nearly completely weaned off the bottle and onto sippy cups and big-boy cups.
We've been practicing "big-boy bed" time in one of our twin beds.
We've been also talking up the "potty chair" like it's the coolest thing in the world.  That particular change will not be coming until after April.
But it IS the coolest thing in the world.
And if you tell Million otherwise, you will be blacklisted.

I've bought some touch-up paints for the walls of our home and will likely be repainting in our kitchen and (get ready for this) Million's room probably within the next week or so.   Paint fumes may or may not lead to more blog posts.  We will see. 


  1. Thought I'd stop by and say "hi!"
    I love the header photo - so clever and cute! The colors are awesome, too!

    I will voluntarily make the steps to stay off your said blacklist. If I do see you and your crew any time this spring if/when I get back home, I'll be sure to support the potty chair like it's the greatest gift to mankind. After all, as far as the little guy knows, it's the greatest gift to Million-kind!

  2. Just saying.... Hold off on potty training until you must. The first year is full of 'boys wanting to pee EVERYWHERE!". Every porta potty insight. Every car trip. Every 10 minutes. Then... it's a never ending cleaning of the bathroom. I seriously want mine back in diapers every day.