Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdays In Real Life

The above picture was taken two days ago.  In Minnesota.  In January.  Tuesday's high was 53.  We've since had snow.  Last year it was around -20 with piles of snow at least waist high.  

I know this because a year ago yesterday, Michael was involved in a truck rollover.  And we were leaving to Ethiopia very shortly afterwards.  

(Speaking of which, you'll be getting posts about meeting our son a year ago, etc. coming up.)

On a pinteresting note: I made a failure recipe (a crockpot orange chicken that neither Michael nor I liked...It's since been removed from my pin boards.)  So there.  Not even worth posting, but I felt the obsessive need to keep up with this.

And real-life has been so real-life lately that I really don't have anything share-able to post.  
Other than this sign designed by Emily Ley.
It speaks to me in very profound ways. 

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