Friday, January 13, 2012

He Speaks

Linguistically Million is cracking me up these days.
He's started adding articles in front of various words to see if that's how they sound.
And his favorite prepositional phrase is "in the."

It's not at all odd to hear him say things like:

"The BonAmi in the bed. Ni-night!"
" A daddy-daddy in the car.  In the RED car!"
"Choo chooo in the train."
"Aga-ga in the I-wo-wa." (His name for my brother who lives in Iowa.)
"a-ma-mo in the book dee baaaaaa" (Animal in the book says baaaa).

He also has an obsession with rings right now.  He came up to me last week pouting/crying because he didn't have a ring on his fingers like Daddy and Mama do.  He also noticed the cashier who had about nine rings on her hands.  We've since given him a shower curtain ring to play with as a bracelet.  He's taken to pushing it around in his Tonka truck and saying "Ring in the truck! Beep beep! Ring in the truck!"

We've been watching episodes of The Muppet Show.  He likes to tell me when the saxophone is playing.  He can also sing/hum all the way through the alphabet song and most of Jesus Loves Me unless he gets distracted.

Last week Michael had some days off, and we drove into town early in the morning.  A half an hour drive, and Michael realized what I listen to all day.  He turned to me and said "Is he always this talkative at 6:30 in the morning?"

The other odd thing that cracks me up is that my son adores oatmeal and green beans.  He asks for them at various points in the day.  We don't add sugar or spices to his oatmeal at all.  He just loves it.  But it sounds like "e-mail" when he says it.  

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  1. love it! the "e mail" reminded me:: my kids used to called oatmeal "et meal" I was sort of sad when they stopped calling it that. : )