Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pinteresting: Recipes Tried

I almost forgot about posting my pinterest discoveries for this week.
We're preparing for a minor surgery for Million tomorrow, amidst our family celebration of Christmas.
If I'm already forgetting by the first week, I'm likely doomed to fail at some point.
But I'm here.
I made it.

I may or may not feel like my sixth grade self who forgot to turn in a piece of homework, and then the teacher made me sit in the hall, and then she forgot to call me back in, and then she scolded me when I didn't let myself back in the class.  And I cried.  During 6th grade.  And I still hold it against her.  So much so that even run-on sentences and fragments can't express my rage/shame.

Okay.  It's not that bad.
I'm just feeling a little sheepish I have no actual photos to share.

This being the first post and all, I suppose I could catch you all up to speed.  This week I'll catch you up on recipes.  Next week, I'll catch you up on crafty ideas, for which I will ACTUALLY have pictures.

Because of Pinterest, I've made the following recipes.
Onion soup mix.  No thoughts to report yet, as I haven't actually used it.
Buffalo Chicken Strips that were out of this world.  I might have thought about making them twice in one day.
Homemade Graham crackers. Mine were a little thicker than they should have been, but they tasted wonderful.  It was nice thinking to myself that Million wasn't consuming high fructose corn syrup in every bite.
Apple Cider caramels.  I liked them, and Michael liked them.  My dad and some others didn't, mainly because they couldn't get their brains used to thinking "apple cider" when they saw caramels.
Homemade Wheat Thins.  The first pan was good.  I accidentally burned the second pan.  More trials needed.
Caramel and Sea Salt on Shortbread.  These were amazing.  When Michael is home more to save me from consuming the whole pan, I will make them again.
Oreos inside chocolate chip cookies.  I died after eating one.  Unfortunately, they don't make fair-trade Oreos that I'm aware of, and I wasn't extraordinarily impressed with the recipes for "make your own oreos" that I've tried--so this one is mostly for your benefit.
Crockpot chicken taco chili.   I just made this yesterday.  Ask me when there aren't leftovers in the fridge.
Homemade tater tots.  These worked the time I made them with red potatoes but not with russet potatoes.
Little delightful crescent roll jalapeno poppers.  I've only made these about six or seven times.

I've tried and deleted two or three recipes (a blueberry lemon breakfast cake and one other thing I can't remember) that just didn't work for us.  Oh, it was egg-roll wrapped mozzarella sticks.  My mind kept on smelling Chinese, and the mozzarella just didn't mingle well, in my opinion.

I've also pinned about four cream of chicken and wild rice recipes that claim to taste like Panera's.  I've tried two of them (and stupidly forgot to mark which ones---gah!) that didn't taste like Panera's.  I'm on a mission from God and will find that soup someday.

Finally brethren, in the spirit of Christmas, I'm about to be extraordinarily kind to you.
So kind.
I'm about to post a link to a recipe that has literally taken me three (nearly four) years to find.
And thanks to someone posting a link to an Ethiopian crock-pot recipe on Pinterest... my curiosity got the best of me, and I once again started up my hunt. (And the reason I couldn't find it for three years is because of a variation in the spelling and a shortening of the name.  Wonderful.)   I now need to just remember to pin some of my old recipes.

It's here.
It's beautiful.
We made it today along with this recipe and some home-made injera.

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