Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vocal Paralysis

I seem to have lost, for lack of a better term, my blog voice.
I just don't know what to post about anymore.
Many things I can't (for principle or privacy) post.
Other things I attempt to post and then get convicted that I'm either bragging or complaining or focusing too much on self.
Other things, especially relating to adoption, are so controversial.  People have already got their opinions on the matters and are highly unlikely to be swayed by anything I say.

I came dangerously close to the precipice of starting a series called "$5 (or Less) Handmade Holidays".  I seriously had a lot of posts drafted, at least in my head.

But Michael thought (and I agreed) that would be focusing on the materialism and overindulgence of our American culture in November and December.

Some of the posts might resurface as "Things to Do In Minnesota When Your Car Won't Start And It's 40 Below."

So until I find my "blog voice", posts might be pretty sparse. 

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