Sunday, September 25, 2011

Golden Slumbers Fill Your Eyes

It's past bed time.
Man is sleeping.
Dog is sleeping.
Boy is sleeping.
And amazingly enough, none of them are snoring.

It's sounding pretty glorious.
All I can hear is the sound of our space heater.

(My little introverted heart is breathing in this moment.)

Today in church our pastor's sermon was on guilt---how to know if your guilt is God-prompted or self-induced.  It was a sermon for me alone,  I can tell you that.

Tomorrow Million has a medical study to determine if he has one of five diagnoses.  If it turns out negatively, we'll certainly be happy, but it means that he'll be undergoing some more serious and invasive testing when he turns two, if he is still symptomatic.

This year Minnesota is supposed to turn the most beautiful autumn colors for over a decade.  I'm not sure exactly how they predict such a thing-- if it's because of moisture and humidity ratings, or what-- or how they quantify beauty, but I'll take any good news I can get.  In any case, we're enjoying the colors while they unfold. Yesterday, I took Million out for a 2-hour walk to collect acorns, pine cones, and fallen leaves, and I'm hoping to fill this week with many more such walks.

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  1. Please, please post pictures when those autumn colors hit! I'm in the desert and so longing for a true autumn. I had to go buy fake autumn leaves at the craft store just to get my fix. :-(

    Praying for Million's diagnosis. A dear friend of ours just got a wonderful diagnosis on her son; not either of the two scary diagnosis they were expecting. Praying the same for you!