Sunday, March 15, 2015

Chickens and Veggies

The chickens have finished their moulting and are producing eggs again.  To celebrate, we've had homemade souffles twice in the last two days.

This last week, we all watched a TEDx talk about organic farming and food allergens.  Million and I watched it first for homeschool, and then Michael and I watched it later and have been discussing it ever since.

We admitted that we don't know exactly what is in the food our chickens are eating and that it would be better for us to search out a source that had less mystery involved.  So our first string remedy is that I've e-mailed many of the grocers in town to determine what happens with their "bad" produce.  Secondly, we have found a source for organic chicken feed.

Why would we raise chickens for the nutritional benefit if we didn't even know what they were eating when we bought conventional chicken food (which could very likely be filled with soy and GMOs.)

Okay.  So there's that little step toward food freedom.

We've also decided that we're going to have a more intentional and focused garden this year and we'll be getting a large portion of our food from a CSA.  We've had fun with a CSA in the past, but the portions in the boxes were small.  We've been purchasing vegetables from the farm we've chosen, and this is their livelihood as opposed to a hobby farm (our first CSA choice a few years ago.)  We know the quality of their produce, and we also know that their will be sufficient supply, weather permitting. Our own garden will have the vegetables that we know how to grow well and that we know we use in large supply.

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