Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Year of the Body: 60-Day Fitness Challenge

I'm four days into a fitness challenge.


When I was writing my goals for "The Year Of The Body," I knew that my workout program of choice normally had a 60-Day challenge at the end of January every year.  So I wrote that down in my goals for the year.  And then I found out that it actually started January 10th this year.  The week before my due date, I e-mailed several trainers and asked them if I should even sign up for the challenge, knowing that I couldn't give it "my all" since it would be so close to delivering a baby.

The trainers all agreed that they would love to see me join the challenge as an inspiration to other women, to be able to show results of what this workout can do for a woman who is looking for a gentle postpartum exercise regimen.  So I decided officially on the start day of the challenge that, yes, I would participate.

Let me state that taking my "before" pictures just days after giving birth was NOT my cup of tea.
And that those "before" pictures will not be gracing the walls of the internet's photo gallery any time in my life.

As part of this 60-day challenge, my plan of action is:

  • Completing 30 workouts.  The two workouts I've chosen in particular are the "gentlest" of the seven or eight I own.  One is 15 minutes long, and the other is 30 minutes of walking workout.
  • Drinking 96 ounces of water daily.
  • Dry brushing my skin twice daily. 
I don't anticipate this blog becoming a fitness journal of sorts, but I did want to mention it for vulnerability's sake.  I have NEVER done anything like this before.  So far, I've completed two workouts, which has me on course.

While I'm on the topic of the Year of the Body, I'll throw out some more of the things that we're heading into this year.

Michael is planning to go completely decaf (or half-caff if we're at someone's house) this year.  He also is planning on having a big salad before every dinner, in order to fill up on fibrous veggies and greens before he eats our "main meal."  He'll be getting a fitness tracker; he is just trying to decide between two different brands right now.

We both are experimenting a lot more with homeopathic remedies, including the use of essential oils.  I started experimenting with them two years ago, but I was not completely comfortable using them during the courses of my pregnancies.  Along with these, we are beginning some vitamins and supplements. (Vitamin D, notably....hello, Minnesota winters.)

I am endeavoring to have at least one smoothie each day, filled with fruits/veggies/good-for-you stuff.

We're not embracing a "diet" at all.  We have no specific "weight loss" goals.  We just know what we need to do to be healthy, and this year we're intending to actually do it.

Later on this year, maybe in the later summer, I intend to do a personal 60-Day challenge when I can complete the workouts to the level that I would like.  I'll retake "before" photos then, and we'll see if I feel comfortable sharing those or not.    

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