Thursday, January 8, 2015

She Has Arrived

Our little joy arrived on Monday of this week.  Our lives have been beautifully blessed with our Jubilee Shalom.  

So far, everything has gone immeasurably smoothly with the addition of our little girl.  

Eventually, I'll get time to type more about her....maybe not a birth story per se, but a more proper introduction.  It's our first full day at home today, and Michael's back at work.  I'm trying to keep proper perspective here, and for some odd reason blogging doesn't make the list.  

My two goals for the day were: 1) show the kids that I love them.  and 2) give myself loads of grace.

So far, so good.  And Michael will be home in an hour.  
Hopefully, I can keep this up.

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  1. Congrats on Jubilee~ She is beautiful and looks to be loved and adored by the men in her life. Enjoy her!