Monday, January 19, 2015

A Story About Eggs

"The other day, I went back to the chickens, and I found an egg.  It was an egg that was badly broken.  It was smooshed all over and seeping out onto the ground.  Do you know what that egg reminds me of?  It reminds me of you.  You're feeling angry right now, a little bit broken.  Did you know that there is nothing so broken that God cannot fix it?"

As I sat listening to my husband talking to my oldest, tears welled in my eyes.
What Michael didn't tell Million was that the particular egg he was describing was an egg that one of our chickens had cannibalized.  With the cold weather, the egg froze before we could get to it and cracked open.  Sadly, one of our chickens thought it an adequate food source instead of being willing to move down the ladder 3 feet to the feeder.  We will have to determine soon which chicken it is and get rid of it, or the chicken will teach the rest of the chickens to eat the eggs.

Like that egg, Million has been pecked on by others.  He has never had a "fair" chance at life.  His course was predetermined for him.  He has had so many circumstances both in Ethiopia and here in the United States that could lead a child to become angry and embittered.


There is nothing so broken that God cannot fix it.

And that is our hope.  Our faith.  Our prayer.

We acknowledge that we may never see complete healing in him.
But we press on.
Because our God is a healer who delights in making broken things whole.  

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