Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old Pictures, New Pictures, and Sleepwalking

Tonight I spent a large portion of the night looking through old pictures.
Like this one.
Half of it was trying to go through old pictures and delete a bunch that I really won't ever scrapbook (other people's life experiences like weddings where I don't need 80 pictures to remember.)  I tried to get pictures to a bunch of people before I deleted ones that I didn't need anymore.
Fortunately, I was relatively up-to-date.
The other half was spent looking at pictures from immediately after Creedence's birth to try to remind myself how tiny babies are.
Like that one above, where he was about two weeks old.
And I was sleeping.  And very pale.
Hello, anemia.

Sleeplessness?  I don't really remember that.  Apparently it happened.  I'm an insomniac usually, so I'm familiar with it.  Speaking of insomnia and odd sleeping bits: I slept walked for the first time in about 20 years last night.  I woke up, and I was in the kitchen holding a "postage due" envelope that I intended to put in our mailbox.  (Free shipping on eBay sometimes ends up costing you 40 cents...)  But that was weird.

And then there are these two loves.
This is not an old picture.
This one was taken today immediately after some baths.
(I probably should have waited for photos, in retrospect, considering Creedence looks like a greaser.)
I just needed to close out my day with a cute picture of them.

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