Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fancy Bracelets

Yesterday I went in for what was supposed to be a routine schedule your induction appointment.
Four hours later, I left the "appointment" with a fancy bracelet.

Turns out I got influenza sometime in the last four days.  (I'm vaccinated but not interested in a debate here....)  My pulse was going fairly high because of the flu, and I was really dehydrated.  Because of those situations, Jubilee was moving less, which was concerning to the midwife.

So I got to spend three hours alone.  In the exact room that I had my miscarriage.

Finally, after they were beginning to start talk about another bag of IV fluids, I (gulp) pretended to feel better than I actually felt, just because Michael and the boys were still waiting in the lobby for me.... I knew the boys would be confused and concerned----especially Million.

Jubilee is perfectly fine.  No induction is scheduled at this point, because the flu and the fetal movement concerns trumped induction scheduling.

I am grateful for medical care.

I am grateful that my legs and ankles were pre-pregnancy shape this morning (thank you IV fluids.) It's the little things.  I know how to prevent swelling, but I've been incredibly lazy about it this pregnancy.  Sigh.  But I had ankles! And small(er) calves! Proof that my feet won't look like over-risen yeast rolls forever!
I am actually grateful I spent time in that room. It was something I was struggling with mentally, the thought of going into labor with Jubilee and potentially being admitted into the same triage room.  But now that I've had a different experience in between, which turned out fairly positively, I'm not as anxious about it.

For now, our whole family is pretty much down for the count with this flu.  But Michael is able to work from home, and his symptoms don't seem to be so bad today.  He's taking on a lion's share of the housework, so that I can rest.  I am spoiled.  

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