Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eggs and Paper Christmas

I am grateful today because we have a "normal" amount of eggs in our fridge this morning.
We're not talking about the 8 or so eggs that will probably show up by the end of the day.
There is a great divide between what a person *thinks* 3 to 4 dozen eggs a week will be like and what it is actually like when chickens are on the premise.
By no means am I complaining, I'm just recording this for memory's sake.
I am so grateful for food.
And hoping that Jubilee doesn't have any egg allergies.

We're continuing our paper Christmas.  The boys made Christmas song ornaments this morning, where I would sing a Christmas song and they would draw what they thought about during the song.  Then they got to snip the edges with scissors and hang it up on the tree By Themselves.  Two thirds of our ornaments are now sideways or upside down, but it's their Christmas tree too...

In real food news, I've managed to use the chia seeds twice.  Once, I hid them in some pizza sauce, and everybody knew they were there, but nobody thought it tasted any different.  Today, I hid them in some oatmeal cookies.  I know the chia seeds are in there, but I can't detect any difference whatsoever.  So, hooray for fiber! And magnesium!

Both boys are sick right now, and I am dreading being the third invited to the party.  Hopefully I've built up an immunity simply by virtue of being the recipient of 8000 snotty kisses a day.  We'll see how the rest of this week goes.

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