Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow, Tea, and New Bedrooms

It's snowy here.  
The boys are happy about this.

Michael and I were fortunate to get away for an "anniversary" trip on Friday and Saturday.  

We did things like this. 

And sitting for hours in a coffee shop.
And some Christmas shopping for the boys at the Mall of America.
And then spent upwards of an hour comparing different colognes and perfumes.
I also ate a massively huge salad from a walk-up salad bar.  That's something I never get to do with the boys around, because navigating salad bars with a 4-1/2 year-old and (nearly) 2-year-old just never happens gracefully.  Or I don't get to proceed to the end of the salad bar where all the croutons healthy accoutrements are.

And then today, this happened.  Million FINALLY moved down to his bedroom in the basement.
So next week, we'll begin the process of getting Creedence accustomed to a twin-sized bed.

I have a list of so many things I have been avoiding doing for when Jubilee comes.  I'm not certain if it's because I'm not a task-oriented person, if there is some lingering fear, or if it's just because playing Solitaire is so much more fun than washing and cleaning....but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's the third.

I hereby declare this week as "Get The Master Bedroom Back" week.
Because we have boxes of things to sell in there, a lot of children stuff, and all of the wall art from when I rearranged the upstairs of our house two weeks ago.
Along with various boxes of uncompleted crafts.

It's bad.
Hopefully I'll get pictures up by the end of the week, to prove that I worked on it.  

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