Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jubilee Update

October 2012, 32 weeks pregnant with Creedence

November 2014, 33 weeks pregnant with Jubilee

This morning we took the second picture, on a whim.  It's the same sweater, and despite all appearances, I actually weigh a bit less now than I did back in 2012.  

Now I can see what "measuring six weeks ahead" looks like.  I feel like a buffalo on a daily basis. I'm giving myself the next seven weeks to real full-on beached whale status....since apparently I am soaring to new stomach girth measurements that I never thought possible.  

Confession of the night, I googled "belly button staying outie after pregnancy" a couple nights ago.  That's a serious nightmare of mine.  I'd prefer no dangling belly buttons.  It gives me the willies to think about.  Body parts should stay where they're supposed to be, in my humble opinion.

Dear Jubilee, 
You have my permission to come anytime after December 3rd, preferably avoiding the window of time between December 18th and 26th.  You really don't want a NICU stay OR a Christmas birthday.  Just trust me.  Also, if you could avoid inclimate weather, that would be nice.  The boys are excited to meet you, especially Million who asks nearly every day if you'll be coming that day.  Creedence is eagerly anticipating hugging you tightly, poking your eyes, and making sure your cry reflexes are fully functional.  And I'm looking forward to the ability to sip coffee without fear of heartburn or socially unacceptable dry heaves.  Because you're a classy girl like that.

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