Monday, October 20, 2014

Real Food Failure: Odd Withdrawal Cravings

I've been sick for 10 days now.  Thankfully with proper drugs, I seem to be turning the corner...
I thought being sick would negatively impact my real food ideals more than it did.
I did buy some soup from Panera one time, which of course, is not real food.  
But it tastes super-good.
But I managed to stay the course, otherwise.
We actually ate MORE healthfully than normal, because goshdarnit I was going to get proper vitamin C in my system and keep the boys healthy if I could.

Today, two or three weeks into our food renovation, I had my first really bad cravings for really bad food.
I might as well be in detox.
I was craving McDonalds.
And frozen pizza.

Michael and I haven't touched McDonalds for two years now, and on a normal day I can't even abide the thought of it anymore.

But today, I wanted their french fries that have absolutely no resemblance in look or taste to potatoes.
And frozen pizza because it's so easy to eat.

I looked up one of those "if you're craving this, your body needs that" charts.

I don't have any raw goat milk in the house, and I wasn't about to just pound a teaspoon of sea salt, although we did have that in the house.  I don't eat fish, wasn't about to just fry up a pan of meat, and am trying to save our supply of nuts for our family vacation.  (And because today during a Monday meltdown, one of the boys distracted me to a certain state where I accidentally burned the granola in our oven, so our nut supply was already lower than it should have been.)

So I settled and decided to eat a "healthier" version of the pizza.
Pepperoni, mozzarella, and french bread.  Microwaved.
Real food failure....complete.
But it tasted good.

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