Friday, September 19, 2014


I've never made playdough before.  This part in particular was scary to me.  It seemed like it was going to be one big Pinterest fail bechamel sauce.

Fortunately, it turned out okay. breakfast.
We had some of Michael's relatives over last night for supper, and it was so pleasant.  She gave me a jar of cranberry pear jam, and I gave her a jar of homemade applesauce, and it was like we were meant to be related.  This particular couple are likely the only people in the world that knew both Michael and I as young children.  That's Minnesota's seven degrees of Kevin Bacon for you.

We're learning a lot for our garden next year: only do two kinds of squash (spaghetti and zucchini), and plant less tomatoes.  Now that we've mastered the art of "sucker picking" (a pruning method for indeterminate tomato plants), we could probably handle three or four tomato plants instead of the ten that we have now.  

Highly illogical, after I posted a picture of that luscious squash applesauce cake, I've been contemplating a sugar fast again.  Michael and I are experiencing some physiological symptoms that could likely be related to sugar consumption.  Which I will not complain about.  Hardy har har.  I do need to wait on some test results in a week or two and consult my midwife before I attempt anything drastic.  October would be a good month for a sugar fast.  November or December?  Not so much.

We don't have a lot planned for the weekend.  Maybe a nature walk?  Maybe a nap.
Hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves this weekend.

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