Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Post

My two kitchen "helpers."  The Bonnie Prince cried when I took his apron off.

Michael mentioned to the neighbor lady that he was going to start using panty-hose to hang up his squash.
She gave him an entire bag of used ones.  I told him to write a thank-you note, but he thought that might be awkward...

We're back to thinking the gender confused chicken is a hen.  Apparently hens can crow.
And it might just be an alpha-hen that grows more quickly than the others.

Heirloom purple beans.  Michael and I enjoy them.  The boys try to sneak theirs to the chickens.

Yellowing! Hooray!

Million has renewed his interest in crochet once again.
I let him pretend because I'm not a skilled teacher in things that I pick up easily.

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