Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our 10-day bootcamp that ended up not being the full ten days was highly successful.
And I'm quite pleased with the new muscles I'm finding.
They've only been hidden for the past 20 years.
We stopped watching 24 in the evenings, because it was sapping our productivity.
And to keep up the life pace that we usually thrive in, we need our productivity levels to be high.
At least Nina's dead now.  The world can go on.

I realized yesterday that I've been babying Creedence a little and doing tasks for him that he is fully capable of doing. It kind of went like this: "Creedence, go to the bathroom."  He obeyed.  "Creedence, take off your clothing for your bath."  He obeyed.  "Creedence, put the clothing in your laundry basket and then come back here."  He obeyed.  Then he yowled because he realized that Million actually was having a bath first.  (Michael's plan that I was unaware of.)  So I had clothes-less Creedence running around hollering "bath please! bath please! Creedence bath!"

He's not really a talker by any means compared to Million, but I had failed to realize how much he was comprehending.  He'd never taken his clothing off by himself.  He's helped put it on.  But I realized yesterday that my little bonnie prince is turning into a bigger boy.  It doesn't really sadden me.  I'm not a baby-enamored kind of person.  I love toddlers.  He's at what I deem the perfect age for a little child.  I love being able to see him learn new concepts, words, and ideas.

So I guess we're heading into a new phase...one where I begin letting him do things for himself.

So she loosens her hold on her little boy.
Takes a step back.
And smiles at the joy he brings to her.

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