Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impromptu Tea Party

Since we were having zucchini soup and cucumber sandwiches (produce from our garden) anyway, I decided it would be fun to have a four-course tea party tonight.

So the boys and I went to pick some flowers along the trail...

Then we made the scones (Michael's favorite are Pioneer Woman's Maple Pecan scones, but I never make the sugary topping and just throw a little of the maple extract into the scones directly for the flavor.)  Then we made the mock devonshire cream, and some brownies, and sliced up a peach. 

Finally, we got dressed.  You all....I wore a dress.  I let the boys go casual on the bottom, because we're not using the air conditioner until it goes over 80, and it's been hovering in the very uppermost 70's this whole week...the house is a little warmish.

 Michael surprised us by walking home 3-1/2 miles by way of a greenhouse... He picked me up a delightful echinacea plant.

Million met Michael at the door and told him he was "gorgeously invited" to our tea party.  (I had tried coaching him on the "cordially invited" part...to no avail.)

So our four courses were: summer squash soup, cucumber sandwiches, maple pecan scones and devonshire cream, and then brownies and peach slices.  Three of us sipped a parisian blend of tea.

 The boys had painted some cards for daddy with some watercolour paints today, and Million wanted to show Michael the slightly rotten crabapple and feathers that he picked up on our walk.

So there was our anniversary celebration.  What I'm not telling you is that halfway through the meal, un chat noir, a black cat, a VERY pregnant-looking black cat slunk out from our deck and pranced around our yard and then snuck back under the deck.  The boys went crazy and were shouting comments of derision at the cat.  So much for a peaceful tea party.  As soon as we finished our tea party, off went the suit coats, and Michael took them outside to play and water the garden (and themselves) while I cleaned up.

And there are leftovers.

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